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Start 2013 With A Rah Rah Ah Ah Ah

Surely champagne toasts, deafening DJs and sizzling company resulted in a proper welcoming of the new year. But now that January 1st has come and gone, what is there to do? Our answer- forget every resolution you just made and get ready for the Classiana Hilton’s Monster Ball this Saturday, January 5th.

Classiana Hilton Monster Ball

Hosted at Escape Nightclub, this event encourages attendees of all ages to bring out their inner monster. With a spotlight on the who’s who of PDX drag performers you won’t want to miss these fierce lovelies strutting their stuff:

  • Classiana Hilton
  • Vivica Valentine
  • Luna Lockhart
  • The Star Sisters
  • Onyx Lynn Foxx
  • Aporia L’Clusio
  • Jackie Daniels

Get glammed up for a this trendy affair like the fame monster herself, Lady Gaga, to enter the competitive costume contest. As if that wasn’t enough, add on a $1 ticket raffle with prizes like Lady Gaga Memorabilia, CD’s, Posters, and proceeds donated to the Born This Way Foundation. The event begins at 11:00pm, show’s at 2:00am and is open until 4:00am- we’d say your 2013 is off to a great start. Treat yourself to a room at the Jupiter Hotel, after dancing in Gaga gear until 4am you’ll be happy you did!

Breakdown of the event:
Date: Jan. 5th, 2013
Time: 11pm doors open, 2am show starts, 4am closing
Cost: $15 cover
Starting Location: Escape Nightclub, 333 Sw Park Ave, Portland Oregon


Still a little wiped out from epic NYE celebrations? Break out that tin of cookies, throw on your new robe, get a room at the Jupiter and pick up one of these top 2012 reads. Just be ready for next week’s debauchery.


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