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What’s Happening This Weekend? We’re at Vancouver Pride, Baby!

Vancouver BC Pride is an annual event our team looks forward to every year and this one promises to be another long weekend of parties, festivals, parades and general debauchery. <insert evil grin here>

If you’re in the hood, come visit us at our booth during the festival (#89, if that means anything. We’re not even sure where it’s at!). We’ll be giving away a trip to PDX, tons of goodies and hugs too.


Jupiter Lily and a very festive attendee at 2011 Vancouver BC Pride


The Alex Fraser Bridge yesterday, as we drove into Vancouver BC.


The Burrard Hotel is right smack in the middle of the Pride action and is our fav spot in Vancouver BC. It feels like we’re back home at the Jupiter!



Ooooh – our schwanky room at the Burrard. A good place to crash after a long night clubbing. Yeah baby! It’s PRIDE!!




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