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Live from NOH8 @ the Jupiter

Greetings, lovers and friends! Today you are in for a special treat. (Not that you usually aren’t. We’re obviously the sweetest blog this side of the Mississippi.) But today we’re reporting live from the NOH8 Campaign Open Photoshoot at the Jupiter Hotel.

Nothing short of a vision in red and white, the event is now in full swing. Hotel & NOH8 Campaign staff, volunteers and guests are placing tattoos on cheeks bursting with pride (and anything but hate) underneath the cover of the Jupiter DREAMtent.

NOH8 @ the Jupiter

Since our specialty is making our guest comfortable, we’ve set up lounges both with and without beverage capabilities to welcome the waiting attendees of all ages. The excitement of NOH8 Campaign’s first Portland appearance is palpable, and the fun is just getting started. We’re hoping Lily will kickoff the photoshoot, but to be honest, it’s hard to find her (in all her pale glory) through the sea of white tees.

We’ll be here until the last shutter clicks at 8pm, so make yourselves pretty, hop on your bikes, and get your Portland pride down here to capture the love and support a great cause. For live updates throughout the night, follow @NOH8Campaign and @jupiterpdx on Twitter.


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