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Weekend Happenings: First Friday Zombie Edition

April First Friday Poster

This week we’re letting our inner-zombies of their cage for the Zombie Blood Drive this Friday at the Jupiter Hotel. We’ve hooked up with Red Cross to donate blood, not brains, from 3:00PM – 8:00PM. Once we’ve had our fill, er… I mean, made a donation, we’ll be hanging around the First Friday opening of painter Alan Rose’s latest work. First we drain the blood, then will fill it with class.

Happening this week:

  • Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center will present The Science of Sexual Orientation on Thursday, April 5th from 7:00 – 8:00PM. At the forefront of research, Simon LeVay will lecture on his report about what might cause a person to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight. The discussion will include an update on the science and its relationship to sexual orientation.
  • Standing on Ceremony opens at Artists Repertory Theatre Friday April 6th. The nine 10-minute plays, which were written by a variety of known playwrights, will explore topics and issues surrounding gay marriage. At 10:00PM, local performers will act out the shows in staged-reading formats and continue performances through April 21st.
  • On Friday April 6th, author Arianne Cohen will speak about The Sex Diaries Project: What We’re Saying About What We’re Doing at Lotus Heart. The discussion will include excerpts from more than 2,500 anonymous diaries, as well as an invitation to share your own logs. The snacks, mingling and readings will be followed by a question and answer session as well. Admission is $10 for the 7:00PM event.

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