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Weekend Happenings

Hide and Seek

Image via The Celebration

This week we’re protesting telling you what we’re up to. All these social media platforms are starting to give us the creeps, not to mention, remind us of our exes. “What are you doing? Where are you? Who are you with?” Helllooooo, what happened to good ol’ fashion privacy? Or a quality game of hide and seek, for that matter. We’ll do what we want and you can come find out what it is, if you’re so dang interested. Or tell us what you’re up to so we can come find you. Liiilllllyyyy, come out, come out!

Happening this week:

  • The 2012 LGBTQ Meaningful Care Conference takes place this Friday March 30th at the Lloyd Double Tree Hotel.  2012 LGBTQ Meaningful Care Conference. Designed as an exchange of best practices, the day-long conference serves as a cultural competency training for healthcare and social service professionals in the Pacific Northwest. UCSF Center for LGBT Health & Equity Director Shane Snowdon will be featured as this year’s keynote speaker.
  • The PDX Q Center will host a special screening of 8 at 4pm & 7pm Saturday March 31st. The film, a play inspired by California’s Proposition 8 features Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jamie Lee Curtis, and others, and will be followed by a Basic Rights Oregon & Human Rights Campaign- guided discussion. The recommended admission requires two non-perishable food items to benefit SMYRC and Esther’s Pantry.
  • This Sunday April 1st, Vino Vixens Wine Shop and Bar will present the second edition of a new monthly Sex-Positive Meet-Up at 6:30pm. The Pleasure Salon PDX: Vino Vixens ~ The Second Coming, established to build a community for sex-positive people to cross-pollinate, features a warm up session, a demonstration, wine and food, self-expression and an open mic on the first Sunday of every month. Explore the meaning of being sex-positive, the value of pleasure, community and relationships for only a suggested donation.

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