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Weekend Happenings: Gallery Edition

This week we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of First Friday! We’re gonna test drive our newest space, and refitted lobby, for the opening of Gallery @ the Jupiter. Check in, check out and check out more from the artist with Lily and our interactive media from 6-8pm. Party on.

Gallery @ the Jupiter

Happening this week:

  • Bring the beat back! Friday, February 3rd, Rotture lets a entirely new an untamed monthly queer beast of a dance party our of the cage. Deep Cutsbreaks out of the top pop and features the freshest indie dance, pop and
    Music Beat

    Image via Online Beat Mixer

    electro especially for music enthusiasts. Get your groove on with DJS Dirt Bag, Kasio Smashio and Roy G Biv at 9pm .

  • Step to the beat of love. The Portland Lesbian Choir celebrates their 25th year with a concert at Rose City Park United Methodist Church this Saturday, February 4th. The Seasons of Love series will explore the best, and worst, phases of romantic love to your favorite hits and showtunes. Get tickets online in advance and find love on the dance floor after the show at 7:30pm.
  • Catechism Cafe kicks off at Crush on Monday, February 6th at 7pm. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are serving up lunch room cuisine and nostalgia the first Monday of every month. $9 gets a full buffet including all you can eat BBQ burgers, hot dogs and vegetarian substitutes and a chance to cozy up to your lunch ladies for a fireworks display. School is definitely in session.

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