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Weekend Happenings

Image Courtesy of Love From the Oven

This weekend we’ll be spending time indoors researching ways to hide from the snow. We’ll also be doing our best to avoid all the Voodoo Doughnut temptations so we can stuff our faces next week. Hint hint: If we’re not eating the doughnuts there will be more for you- Come and get ‘em!

Happening this week:

  • The PDX Q Center presents Shorty Shorts: Queer Film Fest. The festival, which features Fannie Mae Darling and Gula Delgatto, will showcase talented locals on the silver screen in 10 minutes or less on Saturday, November 19th. The short films kick off at 7:30 with admission of $5 or $3 and a can of food. Shawty swing their way!
  • Only 38 shopping days ‘til Christmas! Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is hosting the Trinity Artisan Fair this Saturday, November 19th and Sunday November 20th. The market will feature craft items from 30 local artists. An admission of $2 or 2 cans of food will benefit the Trinity Cathedral Arts Program and Trinity Outreach Food Pantry.
  • Remember, remember, the 20th of November. Sunday November 20th

    Image Courtesy of TransGriot

    will mark the 13th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. The event takes place to memorialize members of the Transgender community who have been lost to hate or prejudice. The local chapter will consist of a march, vigil and workshops at the PSU Smith Memorial Student Union beginning at 11am.

Links we loved:

  • Rapper Lil B returns to the headlines with a controversial release of I Got AIDS. The arist, who is neither HIV positive nor homosexual, considers the single a means of bringing awareness to STDs. Do y’all think it will have the positive effect he’s aiming towards?
  • Not-so-happy feet. A pair of inseparable male penguins in a Toronto Zoo are being forced apart for reproductive purposes. The split, which received public backlash, is expected to only be temporary.
  • Nikki Araguz, a transgendered Texan widow is fighting for the rights to her husband’s death benefits. We’re thinking she has a legit reason to mess with Texas.

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