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Weekend Happenings

Image courtesy of KDRV 12

While the Occupy Portland Protesters near the end of their second week, we’ve been doing our best to soak up the glorious sunshine of mid-autumn before winter quickly sneaks in! We’re also working behind the scenes on a sun dance to coax the warm weather into sticking around. You’re welcome.

Happening this week:

  • The Amazon Dragons Paddling Club is hosting a Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Party Fundraiser Saturday, October 22nd.

    Image coutresy of Jeffery Hortvitz

    The tournament starts at 4pm with a $40 buy-in and a beginner tutorial. Bet it’ll be a full house!

  • Portland’s first annual ZomB & Monster Pub Crawl comes to life Saturday, October 22nd. The tour will draw first blood at Dante’s at 3pm and continue the mischief all over town.
  • Oh, snapshot! The opening party for Jeffery Horvitz’s Queer Aperture project will be held at the PDX Q Center auditorium Sunday, October 23rd at 3pm. You’ll get the chance to see honest portraits of some of Portland’s LGBT community members.

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One Response

  1. Occupy Portland is quite the camp! I walk by it everyday and wonder how long they will get to protest before someone forces them out. Stand up for what you believe!

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