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Portland Pride is Here!

Attending Pride NW? Who isn’t! Here are some resources for the weekend, and a few of our highlighted can’t-miss events!

Pride NW is the official homepage of the festivities, with a full schedule, parade lineup and killer events. Our suggestion for the parade: park near E Burnside by the Jupiter, walk over to the waterfront for the show, and come back for drinks and a chill night beginning at the Doug Fir Lounge!

The Q Center has a list going of events, including the “Hip to be Q” concert series on Friday. There is a $5-$15 sliding scale entry, from 5 PM to 2 AM featuring artists such as Jenna Riot, DJ Lunchlady, Kaia Wilson, Leviticus Appleton and more. Visit here for more information and to get tickets!

Portland Latino Gay Pride is revving up for a celebracción! Jule 14th through 17th at the Eastbank Esplanade, join the group for an all-ages event featuring live music, DJ, artisans and vendors and a sampling of Portland’s popular food cart scene! This event is near and dear to the Hotel’s heart as a past home to the festival, and we’re thrilled to see it grow with each year.

Portland Pride is here- let’s all get out and celebrate!





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