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Interview with Byron Beck

With over 20 years of experience as a writer and columnist, Byron Beck is the man behind the blog featuring Portland’s latest gossip, news, rants and raves.

He was kind enough to sit down with us at the Jupiter Hotel and offer up his thoughts on news stories in 2010, the upcoming holiday season and what it means to be an out individual and big-name blogger in Portland.

Jupiter Hotel: What was the biggest news item of the year, in your mind?

Byron Beck: On the blog, anything related to Snooki, anything with celebrities. The most interesting trend has the world’s fascination with Portland. Everyone seems to have a hard on for Portland, our culture and city. You guys and the Jupiter are a part of it!

JH: What about for the LGBT scene?

BB: In my mind, the biggest story of the year didn’t happen in Oregon- it was Dan Savage and his “It Gets Better” campaign. THAT was the biggest story of the year. It also makes me wonder, though- where was my “it gets better” when I was growing up? I admire and appreciate and participate in the message, I’m just mad we didn’t do it sooner. That was the biggest story, that is what affected me most.

JH: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see play the lead role as Byron?

BB: I want to say Lady Gaga but I won’t….I would hope that it would be Jake Gyllenhall but it would probably be Patton Oswalt. The title? Probably something like “What did I F**k up now?” or “Did I Really Say That?”.  It would be a comedy with a really, really tragic ending.

JH: What do you hope to find under your tree this holiday season?

BB: World Peace. But really, I guess I’d have to say a new phone- my first smart phone. With a keypad so I can blog.

JH: What are the “can’t miss” holiday shows this year?

BB: I always go to the Grotto. I’m also excited for the Radio City Music Spectacular. I had the chance to visit in New York, and it was a great experience- wholesome and hopelessly hokey. I would love to see the Santaland Diaries. When I was younger, I was in the Nutcracker as a dancing bear.

JH: You are known to be part of a super couple… what pearls of wisdom can you offer to young lovers?

BB: We’ve just been together a really long time- I don’t think it makes us a super couple. What works is our age difference- because we are hitting life at different times and we’re going through things at different ages, I think we help each other out by keeping perspective. We just like being around each other. We are definitely best friends.

JH: Care to share with us any upcoming stories, projects or changes to your website that we should know about? Teasers?

BB: I love working with Cort and Fatboy on their show. I’ll continue to show up on really weird places working with them. I have some internet radio stuff in the future. Don’t worry, I’ll keep showing up. If you invite me to a door opening, I’ll probably be there.

JH: Any final words or messages to get out?

BB: I’m really lucky that I get to do what I do in this town. My success is dependent on the success of the city and the people in it. I’m doing what I want to be doing with my life, for as long as I’ll get to do it.

For more information on Byron Beck and his blog, be sure to visit his site at byronbeck.com.


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